ROI was born out of passion for investing

From ordinary people — to ordinary people. This is the most important ingredient in ROI’s secret recipe.

Our vision

A technology platform for Aion Bank's investment services

Why can’t investing be like buying shoes from Zalando? This is what Ida Mänty pondered in 2018. The idea of a new kind of ETF saving product was born, one that would give anyone the skills they need to move their finances forward — and along the way accumulate long-term wealth.

ROI’s mission is to commoditize investment and financial skills. We produce software and technology that develops financial skills. ROI itself does not provide investment services, those are provided by the Belgian Aion Bank, which takes advantage of the latest innovations and technologies, so that investing in ETFs does not require more than five euros. With Aion Bank’s service, you can start an ETFs savings plan with mere pocket change.

ROI tiimi

Ida Mänty

Founder & CEO

Jaakko Santala


Janna Lampinen

Sales Director

Martin Gimpl

UI/UX Designer

Sami Koskimäki

Software Developer

Florian Berger

Software Developer

Nina Nordlund


Karola Kivi

Customer Service

We hope you love investing as much as we do. See you in the ROI app!