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Aion Bank NV/SA is responsible for marketing and advertising Aion Bank’s services. Aion Bank NV/SA is licensed by the ECB and operates under the supervision of the National Bank of Belgium and the Belgian Markets Authority. Aion Bank operates in Finland with a cross-border license and does not have an office in Finland. ROI is a technology company and ROI does not provide investment services.

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Invest in ETFs with mere pocket change using Aion Bank’s services.

ETFs put publicly traded companies within your reach

ETF is short for Exchange Traded Fund. As the name implies, ETFs are funds that can be traded, much like stocks. But unlike stocks, they’re diverse by nature. With ETFs, you can invest in hundreds of stocks in one go.

Why choose ROI?

With Aion Bank’s services, you invest easily and effortlessly. First, you build a personal portfolio, then you create an investment account. You can automate your ETF savings plan by making a recurring deposit. Free up your time for things that are important while your money works for you.

Fractional ETFs

Choose for yourself how much you invest in ETFs — the smallest investments are made with just a few cents!

No commission fees

Trade without surcharges, inactivity fees, or currency exchange costs.

Get help when you need it

With ROI coaching, you get help at each stage. However, ROI does not provide investment advice.

Save automatically

Streamline your ETF savings plan by making a recurring, automatic bank deposit.

Invest in the future

Invest according to your own values by selecting ETFs that suit you best.

Investing made easy

Getting started with investing can be daunting. We recognize this! With Aion Bank's services, it's easy to get started.

ETFs for all of us

Check out the ETF offering

A wide selection of thematic ETFs make it easy to create an ETF savings plan that fits your wants and needs.

Different ETFs
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Invest with pocket change
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Zero commissions

Start your ETF savings plan

Select the plan that suits you the best.

Investing Service

Aion Bank: ETF Savings Plan


+ ETFs' own fees

Choose your ETFs, build a portfolio, make recurring bank transfers, and more.

Investing Service & ROI Programs

Aion Bank: ETF Savings Plan


+ ETFs' own fees
Choose your ETFs, build a portfolio, make recurring bank transfers, and more.
ROI Premium -subscription

Starting 4,99€

/ Month
Get access to all ROI programs and coaching. The more you know, the more you can increase your wealth and make your dreams come true.

Employee Benefit

ETF Savings Plan


+ ETFs' own fees
As an employee benefit, you get to invest with lower management fees.
ROI Premium -subscription


As an employee benefit, ROI Premium membership is available free of charge.

Investment services are provided by Aion Bank NV/SA. Management fees are annual and billed monthly.

Frequently Asked Questions

ROI is a financial well-being service, which also allows for investing.

ROI’s educational content can be accessed by anyone, regardless of age.

Investment services are provided by ETFmatic™, which is part of Aion Bank NV/SA, and are only offered for adults.

To get started investing with the ROI app, follow these steps:

  1. Select the ETFs of your choice and create a portfolio
  2. Create an investment account by answering a few questions
  3. Transfer money to your portfolio to make investments
  4. Let your investments do the rest!

To get the most out of our service, get a ROI Premium membership and check out a variety of financial wellness programs, webinars, and coaching.

ROI does not provide investment advice to its users, but through programs and coaching lessons, it enables users to develop their financial skills and make independent decisions about their own finances and investments.

You can explore different ETF options in the app and add ETFs of interest to your portfolio. For more information, check out the “How ROI Works” and “How to Start Investing” programs.

After creating your portfolio, you can sign up for the investment service. There are 5 steps in the registration process:

  1. Create a user account
  2. Strong authentication with your bank ID
  3. Verify your phone number
  4. Answer a few questions
  5. Approve Aion Bank NV/SA’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Allow 5 minutes for registration.

Once you’ve finished with registration, we’ll forward your information to the investment service provider, who will then review it and open an account. ROI will notify you via email when the account has been created.

ROI investment services provider ETFmatic™, which is part of Aion Bank NV/SA, usually makes investments on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That means you always invest together with other ROI users.

The investment service provider Aion Bank NV/SA charges a total fee of 0,56% for the assets it manages annually. In addition, ETFs have their own costs. You will find the cost information for each ETF separately and you can use the app’s fee calculator to find out the amount of costs that may incur in euros for your entire portfolio.

Aion is a member of the Belgian Guarantee Fund.

The Guarantee Fund covers all savings and savings certificates in accounts up to EUR 100,000 (regardless of currency) per depositor;

and the guarantee fund covers financial instruments up to a maximum of EUR 20,000 (regardless of the currency of the financial instruments).

More information: or

ETFmatic™ a part of Aion Bank, is a leading provider of embedded investment solutions for partners across Europe.

Aion Bank is authorised by the ECB, and supervised by the national Bank of Belgium and the Financial Services and Markets Authority of Belgium, and has branches in Poland and Germany.

Under the MIFID Passporting of Financial Services, Aion Bank provides investment, portfolio management, and general banking services to clients all across Europe.

Read more about ETFmatic here and Aion Bank NV/SA here.