Frequently Asked Questions

Programs and Coaching

ROI programs are done in conjunction with professional coaches and will help you take the next step on your own financial path. The programs cover, among other things, budgeting for one’s own finances, loans, investments and other sources of income that can be harnessed in addition to paid work.

ROI programs include videos, texts, quizzes, and practical tasks that develop your own finances. ROI programs do not include investment advice.

Included in the programs are e.g. Mimmit sijoittaa, Jasmin Hamid, KPMG, Takuusäätiö, Hanna Silvola, Merjä Mähkä, and Maarit Lassander.

The ROI programs can be found at the bottom right of the main view of the application. The program section contains all programs, your own financial counters, and personal finance coaching.

You can use some of our content free of charge. Such content is marked separately in the app.

All ROI programs are available to you with a ROI Premium subscription. You can buy ROI Premium for 5.99€ / month, 16.99€ / 3 months or 59.99€ / 12 months.

If the membership or program you purchased does not appear in your account and the fee has been debited from your account, please contact our customer service at [email protected]

ROI programs are divided into beginner and advanced programs in the app. However, you can attend the programs in your own order, according to your own needs and interests.

Content is constantly being added. Open the app to be notified of new content.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the app and its learning content. You can give feedback by e-mail at [email protected]

With the help of a financial coach, you get an excellent initial impetus for financial change.

A weekly chat with the coach will make it easier for you to progress on your path. You will receive practical weekly assignments that will develop you at different stages of your coaching. By subscribing to the ROI newsletter, you’ll be notified when you can sign up for the next coaching program.

Coaching is a great tool for taking your finances forward. If you need financial change and want positive professional guidance and support along the way, personal coaching might be right for you. Coaching does not include investment advice.

You can find coaching in the ROI app. From the main view, go to the “Programs”-tab and select “Coaching”. Coaching is not always available, as we organize coaching seasonally. By subscribing to the newsletter, you’ll be the first to receive information about upcoming coaching programs.