Frequently Asked Questions

ROI as an Employee Benefit

The ROI Employee Benefit includes free access to all ROI programs and coaching, as well as the ability to start saving ETFs with 0.28% management costs instead of the normal 0.56%.

Great! You can notify ROI about your employer anonymously here. After we receive your message, we’ll be in touch with your employer regarding the employee benefit.

No. The employer will not see the ETF funds you choose or the investments you make. Your finances are your business, and we take care of your privacy when using the app. If you want to activate the savings directly from the salary, the employer will receive information on the amount to be saved.

You can continue investing at a slightly higher 0.56% management fee. If you want to continue watching paid programs and participate in coaching, you’ll need to purchase a ROI Premium membership for yourself. Continuing to invest does not require a ROI Premium membership.

Yes. You can make bank transfers to your investment account at any time from your own bank account.

Yes. The savings are yours, so feel free to withdraw money from your savings to your bank account anytime. When considering withdrawals, it’s worth remembering that the best friend of the interest-to-interest phenomenon is time — the longer you keep your savings in investments, the longer you will benefit from the interest-to-interest phenomenon. As an employee benefit, you also get access to all the ROI programs and coaching that support you in advancing your personal finances.

An employer that offers ROI as an employee benefit cares understands that financial well-being is an important part of your overall health. By offering an ROI, your employer allows you to start making sensible ETF savings with just pocket change. Of course, you can choose for yourself whether you want to use the benefit.