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Aion Bank NV/SA is responsible for marketing and advertising Aion Bank’s services. Aion Bank NV/SA is licensed by the ECB and operates under the supervision of the National Bank of Belgium and the Belgian Markets Authority. Aion Bank operates in Finland with a cross-border license and does not have an office in Finland. ROI is a technology company and ROI does not provide investment services.

ETFs in every flavor

Are you interested in technology or clean energy? Or perhaps healthcare? See our diverse ETF offering below.

Why ETFs?

An ETF, or Exchange Traded Fund, is a fund listed on a stock exchange. Instead of buying shares of one company, with ETFs you buy shares of up to hundreds of companies at once.

The performance of ETFs is monitored in real time and they can be purchased whenever the stock exchange is open. This is not possible with regular funds, as their value for trading can only be calculated daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or even less frequently.


These ETFs include a wide variety of different themes, so you can create your own diversified portfolio that includes shares of thousands of global companies such as Apple, Pfizer, and Nintendo.

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Aion Bank: ETF Savings Plan


+ ETFs' own fees

Choose your ETFs, build a portfolio, make recurring bank transfers, and more.

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Aion Bank: ETF Savings Plan


+ ETFs' own fees
Choose your ETFs, build a portfolio, make recurring bank transfers, and more.
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ETF Savings Plan


+ ETFs' own fees
As an employee benefit, you get to invest with lower management fees.
ROI Premium -subscription


As an employee benefit, ROI Premium membership is available free of charge.

Investment services are provided by Aion Bank NV/SA. Management fees are annual and billed monthly.

Frequently Asked Questions

ETFs, or Exchange Traded Funds, are listed index funds. You can buy and sell ETFs like shares on international stock exchanges. ETFs are generally low cost.

ETFs differ from ordinary funds in that they are bought and sold on a stock exchange just like shares. Ordinary index funds can only be sold and bought according to the fund’s own rules and cannot be found on the stock exchange.

The value of ordinary index funds can be calculated for pricing and trading either daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even less frequently, while the price of ETFs lives according to the market. Stock exchange listing allows you to monitor price developments while the stock exchange is open without a day’s delay.

As with all investments, investing in ETFs has its own risks. The value of your investment can go down as well as up so you may get back less than you originally invested.

In the “How to start investing” program and the “Start investing” coaching led by Jarkko Aho, we go through everything you should know about investing before you start. You can go through our program in the app, and by subscribing to our newsletter you’ll be the first to receive information about our upcoming coaching.

ROI allows you to invest in the ETFs of your choice for any amount of money. The ETF funds in your portfolio are invested in according to how much you transfer via a recurring or one-time transfer.

ROI does not provide investment advice to its users, but through programs and coaching lessons, it enables users to develop their financial skills and make independent decisions about their own finances and investments.