A modern employee benefit for your company

Give your staff an easy-to-implement ETF savings plan benefit that gives them tools for a better tomorrow.
ROI customers:

Provides access

Provides access to both developing financial skills and investing with pocket change.

Fits everyone

ROI's employee benefit is easy to set up. It's suitable for novice ETF savers and long-term investors alike.

Supports well-being

A financial well-being employee benefit is a versatile and modern addition to your palette of employee perks.

A jump-start for financial skills

ROI offers programs and coaching that teach financial skills and how to get started with investing in a fun and inspiring way. Get help for managing installments, debt, credit card bills, and more.

Aion Bank's practical tool for creating an ETF savings plan

An easy-to-use service that helps employees get started with an ETF savings plan. Employees get to choose their own ETFs from a curated selection, while employers get to support them save money.

A company-wide campaign to get you started

Everything is better together — even starting a savings plan. When you provide the employee benefit, we'll launch it with a fun company-wide campaign where all employees save towards a common goal. Progress is tracked together on a monthly basis.

Employee benefit

starting 59€ / month

Includes service for 10 employees. 

25 people

109€ / month

Offer financial literacy for 25 employees and increase the number as needed.

50 people

149€ / month

Jump-start the finances of 50 employees.

100 people

289€ / month

Full steam ahead towards financial well-being for 100 employees.

Over 100


For even larger companies, rev up the engine by getting in touch with the ROI team.

Added value for employees

Management fees 0,28%

(Normally 0,56%)

Access to all ROI programs and coaching 0€/month

(Normally 4,99€/month)

What else do we get?

Visibility in the app

Every company that offers the benefit to its employees gets first-class exposure in the app.

You improve your image and gain visibility for your brand among users interested in financial well-being.

Support for young people

By choosing the employee benefit, your company also supports a socially significant cause.

ROI is already helping more than 10,000 16–18 year olds improve their financial literacy. Join us in bringing ROI’s educational content to even more secondary schools!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ROI Employee Benefit includes free access to all ROI programs and coaching, as well as the ability to start saving ETFs with 0.28% management costs instead of the normal 0.56%.

The employee continues using the investment service with the standard 0.56% management fee. The employee needs to decide for themselves whether to subscribe to ROI Premium for continued access to all programs and coaching.

We do not share any personal information regarding how employees use the ROI service with anyone, including the employer. However, some anonymous data may be collected. For example, the employer will get data on how many and how actively employees use the service. Anonymous data may be shared with the employer at their request from time-to-time.

If the employer has opted to participate in a shared savings plan challenge, aggregated anonymous data on the progress of the challenge is shared with the employer and among the employees.

The ROI service is often kicked off with a company-wide campaign, where employees are encouraged to take on a savings challenge. Our team will help with getting started with the service, and present employees with the challenge of saving towards a common goal together as a company.